Claude Monet - Lecture and Slideshow - Excelsior Arts & Culture Salon - January 27th

Artist Marlene Aron delivers a beautiful slide presentation on the work of one of the most brilliant painters of the Impressionist movement. From his early work on the Normandy Coast to his final years in Giverny, we'll rejoice in the glow of Monet's water lilies, rose gardens, wisteria, and his luminous paintings of the river Seine. It was Monet's painting, "Impression: Sunrise", which gave the Impressionist movement its name. Claude Monet lived in his beloved Giverny, just outside of Paris, for the final forty-three years of his life. And it was here that he painted some of the most extraordinary and personal work of his career. His paintings, along with the work of Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Paul Cezanne, signaled the beginning of the Modern Art Movement. Come celebrate with us as we view over one hundred slides of the wonderful art of Claude Monet: Painter of Light.

Wednesday, January 27th @ 7 p.m.