TODAY'S TIP: Suggest a Title

Have you checked the catalog for a book and discovered that San Francisco Public Library doesn’t have it? Or maybe you’ve been checking out a television series and SFPL doesn’t have the season you want to see. If you know that other patrons would be interested in these items and want to suggest that we purchase a book, or dvd, or other item, you just need to fill out a simple online form.

From the homepage (sfpl.org), click “search catalog”. Above the search box, you will see a link for “Suggest a Title.” Click the type of item you are suggesting - book, film, music, etc. Then fill out the form with your name, library card number, and as much of the information we request about the item as you can give us.

If it’s a book you are looking for, please remember to check with a librarian to see if it’s available through Link+, our partnership with 47 other library systems. Or you can do Link+ searches and requests yourself; this earlier Tuesday Tip tells you how to do that.

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