"What We Like"

Guji Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen

I love Guji! Guji! by Zhiyuan Chen. It's sort of The Ugly Duckling with a twist. One evening a huge egg rolls down a hill and into Mama Duck's nest. She doesn't notice. She's too busy reading. She sits on all of the eggs until that fateful day when....a water loving-creature cracks its way out of the huge egg. It's first sound is "Guji! Guji!" so that's what Mama Duck names it. And it really thinks it is a duck! But it's not.

To find out what Guji!Guji! really is, and how he saves his duck family from being eaten, you will just have to reserve this fun book.

K Smoak

P.S. I love the illustrations so much, I would decorate the library with them.

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