First Monday Movies - They Live By Night - November 1st

Bowie Bowers (Farley Granger) escapes from jail with two hardened criminals and holes up at Mobley's filling station to recover from a wound. He's nursed by Mobley's daughter Keechie (Cathy O'Donnell). Despite the fact that neither has known anything but hardship and distrust in their short lives, Bowie and Keechie begin to fall in love. The older cons involve Bowie in a bank heist where a man gets killed, and the couple go on the run. Bowie and Keechie are hopelessly naïve, fabricating their own idyllic dream world as the authorities close in. Based on Edward Anderson's Depression-era novel Thieves Like Us. Directed by Nicholas Ray (1948/95 mins)

Monday, November 1st @ 6:30 p.m.