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La Pell Freda (Cold Skin) is the original work of a contemporary Catalan writer.

Albert Sánchez Piñol takes us to a journey to the pit of hell – the hell of our existential loneliness, our inherited resentment and hatred, our fear-born compulsion to destroy everything we do not understand – and back into an acceptance of our darkness and projections, through a redemption attained by means of a decision to accept those very different others beyond any attempt at comprehension, reaching into our need to live and honor the life of others.

The book grabbed me violently and mercilessly from its very first sentence : "Mai no som infinitament lluny d’aquells a qui odiem. Per la mateixa raó, doncs, podríem dir que mai no serem absolutament a prop d’aquells a qui estimem." (We are never infinitely far away from those we hate. For this same reason, therefore, we could believe we will never be absolutely near those we love.)
-Angelina Llongueras

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