Instructions for Winter Craft

Some of you have asked for the instructions for the winter craft program at Excelsior Branch in December.

Cut the cover off an old book. 

Start folding each page in half.

Keep doing this until all the pages are folded. The book will naturally open up into a fan shape. You can just do this and use it to display postcards or other small paper items by sticking them between 2 pages.

Use a paint brush to dab white paint (we used acryclic paint) on the top of the folded pages. Think light sprinkling of snow not blizzard – otherwise your pages will all stick together and you’ll have trouble inserting your figures. Sprinkle glitter on top while the paint is still wet.


Cut out trees and images of small animals. We used old natural history illustrations but you can use images cut from old magazines, wrapping paper or even stamp your own images. Unless the images are printed to card stock, glue them to another piece of paper to make them sturdier. Remember to cut a little tab at the bottom of the image to glue the image into your book.

Just stick the images into the pages first to decide how you want to set up your scene. Once you have it set up the way you like it, use white craft glue or glue stick to glue them in place.


And here is a link to the pdf if you want to download the instructions: