The Life and Art of Vincent van Gogh, Wednesday, December 7, 7pm

Join us for a lecture on the life and art of Vincent van Gogh for this month's Excelsior Branch Library Arts and Culture Salon!

Discover the joy, beauty, sorrow and genius of this amazing artist. View over 100 slides of van Gogh's art - paintings, drawings, lithographs, etchings - including rarely-seen childhood drawings, those from his early Dutch years, and photographs of him and his family. Hear stories about his life, his childhood, places he lived and jobs he held before he became an artist.

Marlene Aron is an artist, educator and published poet. She was educated in The Netherlands at the Vrije Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague, and in the United States, receiving her Master of Fine Arts Degree from California College of the Arts.