Stories from the Road - Bonda Lewis presents Sara Bard Field on Wednesday, November 16, 7-9pm

The Excelsior Arts & Culture Salon presents Bonda Lewis performing her one-woman show as Sara Bard Field.

Addressing a suffrage meeting, Sara Bard Field tells stories of her eighty-eight day cross-country automobile trip in 1915, carrying a petition to Congress for the immediate adoption of the Susan B Anthony amendment giving the right to vote to all women of the United States. Sara and two other feminists departed from the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco with 500,000 signatures of California women, who had already won the vote in 1911, and enfranchised women from 11  other western states. In the months prior to this journey, the National Women’s Party had maintained a booth in the Education building to collect the signatures. To help reach the goal of universal suffrage, the three women endured the rough drive to Washington, D.C., on the brand-new Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental road in the U.S., a road that was mostly unpaved, largely unmarked, and always without the amenities of rest stops or motels.

Please join actor Bonda Lewis for the live performance and a question-and-answer session to follow.