TODAY'S TIP - Searching the catalog for holiday books

The subject headings used by libraries aren't always the terms you might think of when you begin searching for a book. Here are some search tips to help you find holiday books and materials.

Cooking and baking are very popular this time of year, but if you search for “cooking” you might be missing a world of possibilities because the subject heading used is “cookery” instead of cooking.

So, if you want to find cookbooks for the season, try these subject/keyword searches: “Jewish cookery,” “Christmas cookery,” “Holiday cookery” and “Kwanzaa cookery.” If you would like to find candies or cookies to bake for gifts, try these much simpler subject searches: “cookies,” “baking,” “candy,” or “confectionary.”

If you want to find books and other materials about Hanukkah, do a subject/keyword search for “Hanukkah,” “Fasts and feasts Judaism,” or “Jewish Cookery.” To find children’s books, do a subject search for “Hanukkah -- Juvenile fiction.”

To find Christmas topics, try these subject/keyword searches: “Christmas decorations,” “Christmas stories,” and “Christmas – Fiction.” To find Christmas music on CD, search for”Christmas Music” and limit material type to “Music CD.” If you want to find a movie, search for “Christmas” and limit to material type “DVD/VCD” or “VHS Video.” For more information on searching go to the catalog FAQs (http://sfpl.org/sfplonline/faq/searching.htm#formats).

To find Kwanzaa topics, try these subject/keyword searches: “Kwanzaa decorations,” “Kwanzaa cookery,” and “Kwanzaa Fiction.” To find Kwanzaa music, search for the subject “Kwanzaa songs and music.” The keyword search “Kwanzaa” should give you all the above topics and more.

Midwinter holidays are celebrated all around the world, for more information on additional holidays, see a Librarian.

Tuesday Tips will be taking a holiday until the end of the year and will be returning on an occasional basis starting next year. Happy Holidays from the Excelsior Tipsters.