TODAY'S TIP - Finding Books Published This Year

Has it been a busy year? Do you want to catch up on your reading of recently published novels?
There are a couple of ways to find the most current titles available at the Library. You can view a selected list of the most recent books received by the Library by using the New Title feature from the homepage. Click on “New Titles” then choose the list for fiction books. Lists of new non-fiction books, DVDs, CDs and more are also available on this page.

Or you can search for all books published in 2009 that are available at the Library with Advanced Search. From the SFPL catalog search page, click on Advanced Search. For novels, type “fiction” in the search box, then limit the material type to "book. " You can also limit by language. In the boxes next to “Year: After” type “2008.” This will give you a very large list, so if you choose, you can use additional keywords to narrow the list, like “historical fiction” or “suspense fiction” or “humorous fiction.”

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